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The Creation of Moments to Remember

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Hello, my name is Amanda Storace. You probably never heard about me or my company Moments to Remember. Let me tell you about what I am all about and a little about how Moments to Remember got started.

Moments to Remember has been a dream of mine that I thought about since I attended college at a small Liberal Arts college in Orangeburg, NY called Dominican College. While I was in college, I was a part of many events on campus. I worked in the Student Activities office and was lucky enough to be a founding planner/coordinator of the Fire in the Sky Festival on campus. Now I know you won’t know what this festival is but let’s just say it was the largest event that we held on campus. With over 3,000 students, staff, and local community members attend it was a HUGE hit. There were live performers, carnival rides and food, and of course fireworks. Being one of the founders of this event I oversaw coordinating the entertainment, vendor layout and management, and fireworks.

Being a part of the planning and coordinating of this amazing event truly sparked a fire in me for event planning/design and coordination. In 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management in Marketing.

Now you are probably wondering “that’s cool Amanda, but why weddings?” Well, when I graduated college many of my friends start to get married and quite a few of those friends asked me for help. By helping my friends with their wedding my love for weddings blossomed. Some friends I helped with small tasks like creating place cards, paper flowers, creating signs and beautiful handmade invites, menu, and programs while other friends asked for help with coordinating the day of the wedding to make sure everything was set up to their specification and the day ran smoothly. To me, there is something so special about weddings that you don’t experience with other events.

In wedding planning, we always hear that every wedding is a new beginning for our clients. I find it funny that although I am not planning my wedding, I decided to finally start my own new beginning with my wedding planning business. I couldn't be more excited.

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